Mission Overview

  • In General
    • Connecting investors with SMBs seeking capital via a private marketplace
    • A vertical IPO marketplace, removing middlemen and their fees

    For SMBs

    • Provide fast, lower-cost capitalization for SMBs
    • Improve SMB cash flow by 20x when compared to loans
    • Empower the 6 & 10 — 6 out of 10 private sector employees work for an SMB

    For Investors

    • Investment Grade SMBs with strong history and financials
    • An Amazon like shopping experience for securities to build portfolios
    • Settle trades into your bank account in minutes, the industry norm is 2 days
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The Halagard Team is excited to bring our solution to the SMB and Private Equity markets and democratize the ability to access capital.

Jeff Hudson
CEO, Halagard