Why We’re Different

Dedicated SMB focus

  • We are singularly focused on helping investors have access to the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) market and helping SMBs get capital for growth by selling their equity.
  • In the USA, loans / debt has been the only option for SMBs for over 80 years.
    • Servicing debt kills cash flow which limits growth.
  • Now SMBs will have a choice between Debt or Equity for capital
  • The SMB market is massive:
    • Over 50% of the global GDP is produced by SMBs
    • 6 out of 10 employees in the private sector work for an SMB
  • No other company provides a cost effective equity solution for SMBs

Private vs. Public

  • Public markets have layers of rules and regulations in place to ensure that smallest investor is protected.
  • Private markets are only able to work with investors that have a net worth of more than $1M and have a much lower regulatory foot print and cost.
  • The Halagard Marketplace will be private

Vertical Integration

  • Think of Capital markets as a bunch of building blocks.  Each block is company providing a service and charging a fee for their services.
  • If you take these blocks and stack them inside a single company, you remove redundant fees and can provide lower cost services.
  • This is vertical integration and why Halagard can provide cost effective services for SMBs.

Philanthropic DNA

  • Our unique business model allocates a fraction of revenue from every private offering on Halagard’s platform towards charitable causes.
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The Halagard Team is excited to bring our solution to the SMB and Private Equity markets and democratize the ability to access capital.

Jeff Hudson
CEO, Halagard