The Halagard Marketplace


At a macro level Halagard is where business owners and investors come together to match their mutual interest.

  • Business owners looking for an alternative to loans that is cost effective
  • Investors looking for strong companies can provide a decent return on investment.

Our Services

Halagard is a vertically-integrated global securities ecosystem that services Business Owners and Investors. What does Vertically Integrated mean? Traditional IPO markets have multiple middlemen that each provide services, such as:

  • Underwriting;
  • Road Shows;
  • Offer Creation;
  • IPO pricing;
  • IPO placement;
  • SEC registration;
  • Exchange to trade shares;
  • Transfer Agent;
  • DTCC to track ownership; and
  • Custodial bank.

The groundbreaking combination of all services into a single company is Vertical Integration.  The outcome is that Business Owners can capitalize quicker for a lower cost and Investors are not being Nickle & Dimed by each group.

How It Will Work

Business Owners

Phase 1: Business owners are invited to use an online calculator that compares different capital options (a loan or Digital IPO).  The calculator will tell the business owner if they may be a good candidate for a Halagard Digital IPO.

Phase 2:  Business owners will complete a short online application providing basic information about their company.  We will perform a background review of the material and in a matter of minutes let the business owner know if they are a potential Digital IPO client or not.

Phase 3: Our team will ask the business owner to provide a broader set of information and financials.  We will begin an in-depth review of the business and scoring.

Phase 4:  Investment grade companies complete the collection of information needed for a private offering (PPM) creation.  Legal and accounting work begins.

Phase 5:  Once the offering is created and published on our site, Halagard will begin the process of notifying investors of the opportunity and gauging interest.  We set a date for investors to submit questions and the date for bidding on the initial price per share.

Phase 6:  Investors will set the initial price via a patent-pending process, and then the actual Digital IPO will be executed.  Capital will flow to the business and shares of the company are given to Investors.

Phase 7:  The shares will age for one year before they can be traded in the Halagard Marketplace.


You will go through a process to confirm you are an Accredited Investor.  Once approved you will be able to access the Halagard Investor Portal

Inside the Investor Portal you will be able to review your holdings, current value of your portfolio, trends, news, trade history of company x, buy / sell shares, etc.

Additionally, you can research companies that have a target Digital IPO date set or actively trading.  In this search panel you can set the criteria that is important to you (e.g. geography, earnings, industry etc.)

If the company is actively trading, you will place an order.

If the company is pre-IPO you can decide if you want to participate in setting the price per share (limited access) or if you want to wait until the price is set.  Those who want to help set the price will have access to a portion of the shares for pre-sale.

Securities Storage

Securities are stored on our private system. When a user logins to Halagard, they will be able to view their assets just as they do with other brokerage accounts.

Do you want to learn more?

Contact Halagard to learn more about our unique platform and how you may fit into our community.


Halagard has created an interactive platform that opens doors to Opportunity Zones for business owners, investors and community leaders to pursue the dynamic possibilities in distressed communities around the nation.
Jimmy Kemp
President, Jack Kemp Foundation