Halagard's Opportunity Zone Marketplace


Halagard has created the first of its kind marketplace to bring together the 3 primary groups who will make Opportunity Zones successful. They are:

  • Project Owners - Real Estate, Business Owners etc.
  • Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs), looking for projects to invest in and investors for their funds
  • Government & Economic groups, reviewing projects in their area of interest

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Project Owners

Business Owners register and provide an overview of their company and their financials that feeds the Marketplace database. Investors use search criteria to narrow the volume of companies to those that match their investment criteria. Cost is free - register here 

Offering - When you are matched with an Opportunity Fund, Halagard helps you navigate the funding process and begins working with you to create an offering document / PPM. We also help you through the transaction stage where a price per share is established and Investors are buying shares of your project.  Capital will flow to your project based upon the waterfall schedule in the offering documents. Cost will vary based upon the size of the project.

Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs)

QOFs register and provide an overview of their fund that feeds a Marketplace database.  You will have access to the Project database and you can search for projects that may match your investment criteria. A benefit of the Halagard Marketplace for Funds is that all PPMs provide through Halagard will be standardized allowing you to streamline your decision process. Cost is free - register here 

Government and Economic groups

Governmental and Economic Developmental groups whether at the national, state or local levels will need data about projects, including what typed of projects are funding, where the projects are located, etc. Additionally, you can contact Project Owners to share options for providing them assistance. Cost is free - register here 

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