How the Funding Process Works


  • Projects that wish to raise capital via a Halagard must submit both business and financial information.
  • Halagard works with commercial aggregators of information (e.g. Experian, Dun & Bradstreet etc.) to gather information about the Project and Project Owners.
  • Halagard vets each Project by screening their financial information for evidence of past performance, stability, growth potential, and other factors impacting the Projects value to investor on the Halagard platform.


  • Halagard assists Projects with the development of Offering documentation also known as a Private Placement Memorandums (PPM)
  • The intent of the PPM is to provide an accurate, detailed and compliant review of the Project
  • The PPM includes a summary of offering terms, estimated use of proceeds, a securities description, company risk factors, a subscription agreement, an investor suitability questionnaire, plus more.

Securitizing the Project

  • Ahead of the security sale, Halagard assumes the role of issuer, designing a tradable financial instrument represented by digital securities and backed by the Projects assets.
  • The shares of the Project are moved to our asset ledger.

Establishing SharePrice

  • Suggested price per share is determined with Project Owner
  • The interested Funds are given a price range per share and privately provide their Min, Preferred and Max price per share along with their Min and Max investment in the project
  • A consensus price is determined based upon demand from QOFs

Capital Raise

  • Halagard issues Regulation D 506(c) digital equity securities on behalf of Project
  • PPMs are executed and copies sent to Halagard
  • Proof of purchase is recorded on the Halagard asset ledger
  • QOFs send capital to the Project Owners based upon the PPM schedule


  • SEC rules require that securities sold via Regulation D 506(c) have a one-year lockup period.  This means the shares can’t trade for one year.
  • After one year, if a QOF needs to exit an investment their shares will be offered in a marketplace viewable to other QOFs

Annual Reporting

  • Currently Regulation D 506(c) offerings do not require quarterly or annual reporting.
  • Halagard requires all Project Owners to file an annual report for their shareholders and provide news updates throughout as required by the PPM.
  • Halagard provides a standard template for the annual reporting.
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