T+ Minutes

  • Does it upset you when financial companies profit by playing with the float / your funds?
  • The SEC mandates a maximum industry standard of T+2, or two days post-transaction for funds to be settled into your brokerage account.
    • Your brokerage then takes 1-5 days to get those funds transferred to your bank account.
  • Halagard believes there is a better way where the custody of your cash is removed from the process
  • Leveraging technology, we plan to settle trades and move your funds into your bank account in minutes.
  • To ensure all trades settle in minutes, we will have the below requirements:
    • all investors must have a bank account that is linked with Halagard via a secure process
    • all investors bidding for shares must have sufficient $USD in their linked bank account to cover the bid
  • Time to end the float profit game
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Halagard has created an interactive platform that opens doors to Opportunity Zones for business owners, investors and community leaders to pursue the dynamic possibilities in distressed communities around the nation.
Jimmy Kemp
President, Jack Kemp Foundation
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