Why Halagard?

First and foremost, we are creating a new asset class for investors

  • This new asset class (SMB Cap), is millions of companies globally that investors have been unable to access
  • What is SMB Cap?
    • The Small & Medium Business that can't afford the cost of a Public Market IPO
    • These companies have revenue that is equal to lower than public firms considered Small Cap
    • They are strong companies with a history of strong financials and real assets
    • Considered Investment Grade
  • SMB Cap shares trade in the Halagard Marketplace a secondary market
  • The SMB CAP companies want the ability to convert equity into capital to fuel growth
  • Investors will leverage our standardized processes and data via our web interface to slice & dice our data to build their portfolio

Lower Cost for Investors

  • Our solution is designed to keep the transaction cost low through vertical integration which removes middlemen
  • Lower transaction fees mean higher margins or a competitive advantage
  • We don’t play with the float; our goal is to settle trades in minutes into your account (i.e., Bank) that is external to Halagard


  • In the interest of investors, Halagard is firmly committed to maintaining full compliance with USA regulators and the protections they offer individual and institutional investors
Do you want to learn more?

Contact Halagard to learn more about our unique platform and how you may fit into our community.


Halagard has created an interactive platform that opens doors to Opportunity Zones for business owners, investors and community leaders to pursue the dynamic possibilities in distressed communities around the nation.
Jimmy Kemp
President, Jack Kemp Foundation
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