Step 2 – Basic Information

Being on this page shows you are forward thinking and ready to grow your company. Soon you will be able to share with friends and colleagues how you were one of the first companies to discover Halagard.

Step Two: Basic Information

  • We request some basic background and light financials for your company.  All companies will be reviewed and we will determine a group to move forward to Step Three.

Step Three: Basic Financials

  • SMB owners will be asked to provide more financial information to allow use to run some basic ratios.  The outcome of the ratios is we can determine which companies to move forward to Step Four.

Step Four: Full Application 

  • At this step you will be presented with an extensive list of questions and data request so we can perform a complete underwriting of your company.  The companies that successfully complete this stage will be our Beta Customers and will be presented to Investors.

If your company didn't get selected as a Beta customer, does that mean the Halagard Marketplace is not a good fit?

  • Absolutely not, our very first offerings to investors need to have a little something special to ensure Investors are excited and interested enough to keep coming back to invest in all companies.

You will be able to Save and login another day to continue your application.

We are excited to be creating a Capital Market for SMBs and giving you new options to raise capital.


Please register as an SMB Owner under "For SMBs" Then login to access this form. We look forward to learning about your business and your needs. Welcome to the Halagard family.