Halagard's Business Investment Marketplace


Halagard is the first company of its kind, creating a new capital market to connect companies raising capital DIRECTLY with investors while avoiding a middle man. We bring together the both Business Owners and Investors. We are an alternative to loans for Business Owners who need capital and an alternative for Investors looking to expand their portfolio.

Membership Levels

We offer 2 membership levels.  The level determines how much information you can share in the Marketplace with other groups.

Example – Business Owners

  • Free level has 14 data elements, including descriptions, file upload and Investors can vote plus comment on each company.
  • Gold level has 31 data elements, Investors can vote for company can access your contact information to discuss your company in detail.

Startup Owners - Pre-Revenue

It is tough out there to get attention for your project, we want to make it easy for you to engage with Investors and shine.  We are offering pre-revenue startups the ability to join our Marketplace for free and get exposure for your company to a wide audience of investors. You get all of the benefits of a Gold plan. Startups with revenue should sign up below as a Business Owner. Cost is $0 - register here 

Business Owners

Projects Owners register and provide an overview of their company that feeds the Marketplace database. Investors their data portal and use search criteria to narrow the volume of companies to those that match their investment criteria.  Finding the needle in the haystack.

There are 3 levels Business Owners can participate at Halagard

Free - An overview of your project is posted for Investors to review, this includes Type of business, how much you are trying to raise, your current valuation, how capital will be used and if you are a member of a disadvantaged group. Cost is free - register here 

Gold – Free level plus 17 extra data points including 2000-word overview of the company, describing how the capital will be used, file uploads etc.. Investors will have access to your contact information and can reach out to determine if they want to move forward to a PPM. Cost is $300 per quarter plus tax - register here 

Offering - Your company and the interested Investors are unmasked, contact information is shared. Halagard begins working with you to create an offering document / PPM. Once the offering documents are complete, a new round of Q&A is kicks off. When the Investor fully understand your project, we move to the transaction stage where a price per share is established and Investors are buying shares of your project.  Capital will flow to your project based upon the waterfall schedule in the offering documents. Cost will vary based upon the size of the project.


Investors register and provide an overview of their investment criteria that feeds a Marketplace database.  You will have access to the company database to review all companies listed and can vote for the projects you like. Company owners can’t contact you unless you engage with them in Q&A about their company.

One benefit of the Halagard Marketplace for Investors is that all PPMs provide through Halagard will be standardized allowing you to streamline your decision process.

There are 2 levels Investors can participate at Halagard

Free - You provide 10 data points and review all companies entered under the free plan. Youcan vote and comment on the businesses. Cost is free - register here 

Gold – Free level plus additional 7 data points and you will be able to view all companies in the Marketplace. At this level, you will be able to contact companies directly to ask questions of the  business owners. Cost is $200 a month plus tax - register here 

Once a company has completed offering documents, you will participate in additional Q&A with the project owners. Then you move to the transaction stage where a price per share is established and equity in the company is exchanged for capital. Halagard will be building a trading platform where you will be able to buy & sell shares.