The Marketplace for Capitalizing Companies & Opportunity Zones

Halagard is an online private marketplace that is accessible by business owners looking for capital and investors looking for private investment. The marketplace allows each to search and access the other, it provides a medium for exchanging information and enables capital transfers.
"This is going to change the world by creating the accessibility to money and bringing capital to support Small Businesses and Opportunity Zones in an incredibly innovative way." Jon Taffer author, restaurateur, and host of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue
"Halagard has created an interactive platform that opens doors to Opportunity Zones for business owners, investors and community leaders to pursue the dynamic possibilities in distressed communities around the nation." Jimmy Kemp, President Jack Kemp Foundation
"The Halagard platform will be great for community organizations. Community organizations will finally have a level playing field where their projects and ideas can be considered with the big boys." Derrick Chase, CEO Stand Up Baltimore
“Having a national database of opportunity zone projects creates a platform to activate local projects in a broad transparent marketplace where users preserve their unique brand and core values which is critical when making ‘apples to apples’ comparisons, whereby enabling us make to better investment decisions.” Josh Burrell of Activated Capital
Business Owner & Project Focus

Packaging investment banking, brokerage, exchange and reporting services into a single solution for SMBs with 1,500 or fewer employees.

Direct Investment Made Easy

Providing access to quality, high-growth investment opportunities; digitized securities backed by real assets allow for liquid buying, selling and secondary trading 

Fast Access to your Funds

Allowing for trade settlement within minutes versus the standard 3-day settlement period.

Unlocking Equity for Main Street

There are tens of thousands of great Companies and Projects struggling to get their plans and capital needs recognized.  Traditional methods are expensive and full of middle men with a long list of fees. What if there was a new way to raise cost effective capital?

Halagard is creating a new capital market that connects Companies and Projects seeking to sell equity with Investors.

How are we able to make capital affordable?

  • First, we will provide a private marketplace, which removes significant regulatory cost.
  • Second, we combine multiple investment banking services into a single company, removing middlemen cost.

News and Events

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